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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Automatic Assembly machine for Fixing System

Automatic Assembly machine for Fixing System Alım
An automatic assembly machine mainly for fixing system (Anchors +Threaded arms like yours as we have seen it at XX’s internet.) has developed & well tested. This advanced machine now have adopted by Hilti, HAZ company. We would taking chance and introducing it to City Endustriyel because this machine can save your labor costs on assembly the arms together before packing purposely and production capacity increasing up obviously. If you are interested & needs to see how would t his machine working or any new project to be developing then contact us for detail discussion. Thanks ! Arm M10› Anchors F:10, F:15,:20, F:30, F:40, F:50, F:60, F:80, F:100, F:120 Arm M12› Anchor F:20, F:40, F:60, F:80, F:100,F:120

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