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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Commercial Plywood Prices China

Dear Sir:

As a large plywood manufacturer, we have been manufacturing and supplying quality Commercial Plywood, Film Faced Plywood and Plywood Door Skins for more than 10 years. Having been CE, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, we are always confident that even no other Chinese wood suppliers can compete with us both in terms of quality and prices at the same time.

We are current exporting various plywood to the Middle East, East Europe, North/West Europe, South Asia and South America on a regular basis. Below are our latest prices for your reference.
1. Commercial Plywood
Species: Okoume, Bintangor, Meranti, Keruing, Poplar, Birch, Pine, Fir, Paulonia
Glue Type: MR, E1, E2, Melamine, WBP
Thicknesses: 2.0mm-25mm
Size: 915X2135mm,1220mmX2440mm,1250mmX2500mm,1500X3000mm,2000X5200mm,
Application: Furniture, Construction, Packaging
Reference Prices:
1.1. Okoume Face/Back, Poplar Core, MR Glue, BB/CC, Medium Quality Level

3.6X1220X2440mm: USD440.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
5.2X1220X2440mm: USD375.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
6X1220X2440mm: USD360.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
9X1220X2440mm: USD320.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
12X1220X2440mm: USD305.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
15X1220X2440mm: USD298.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
18X1220X2440mm: USD295.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang

1.2. Bintangor Face/Back, Poplar Core, MR Glue, BB/CC, Medium Quality Level

3.6X1220X2440mm: USD430.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
5.2X1220X2440mm: USD365.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
6X1220X2440mm: USD350.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
9X1220X2440mm: USD310.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
12X1220X2440mm: USD295.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
15X1220X2440mm: USD290.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
18X1220X2440mm: USD290.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang

2. Film Faced Plywood

Film Color: Black, Brown, Dark Brown,Red
Surface: Glossy, Matt, Wire-Mesh
Glue Type:MR, WBP, Melamine, E2, E1
Core:Poplar, Birch, Combi, Mixed Hardwood, Bamboo
Thickness:6mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 25mm
Size:1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm, 610X1220mm, 625X2500mm, 1500X3000mm, 2000X4000mm, 2000X5200mm

2.1. Black Film Faced Plywood

Film Type: Black ( 240g/m2)
Glue: WBP (Phenolic, Water-proof)
Core: Poplar
Quality: Can Meet European Standard
12X1220X2440mm: USD370.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
15X1220X2440mm: USD330.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
18X1220X2440mm: USD310.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
21X1220X2440mm: USD305.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
2.2. Brown Film Faced Plywood

Film: Brown, Dark Brown, Reddish (Dynea, 120G/M2)
Glue: WBP (Phenolic, Water-proof)
Core: Poplar
Quality: Can Meet European Standard

12X1220X2440mm: USD395.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
15X1220X2440mm: USD350.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
16X1220X2440mm: USD350.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
18X1220X2440mm: USD330.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang
21X1220X2440mm: USD320.00/CBM FOB Qingdao/Lianyungang

2.3. Red Film Faced Plywood

Film: Red (120G/M2)
Glue: WBP
Size: 12X1220X2440mm

Poplar Core: USD380.00/CBM FOB Qingdao
Combi Core: USD395.00/CBM FOB Qingdao
Hardwood Core: USD435.00/CBM FOB Qingdao

*Loading quantity: 1600 sheets per 40ft HQ container.

3. Plywood Door Skins

Face: Okoume, Bintangor, Agathis, Ash, Beech, Teak,Sapele, Walnut, etc.
Core: Poplar
Back: Okoume, Bintangor, Agathis, Ash, Beech, Sapele, Walnut (sometime we use Birch as the back, because Birch is a sort of hardwood and can effectively prevent warping. In addition, if to use Birch as the back, the prices will be around USD10.00/lower per cubic meter).
Glue: MR, E2, WBP
Thickness: 2.0mm-6.0mm
Width: 600mm-1100mm
Length: 1800mm-2200mm
Loading Quantity per 40ft Container: 45 Cubic Meters

a.Okoume Face, Birch Back, Poplar Core, MR Glue

2.7*910*2140mm   USD510.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
2.7*760*2140mm   USD540.00/CBM FOB Tianjin

3.0X730X2030mm:  USD530.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
3.0X860X2030mm:  USD495.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
3.0X930X2030mm:  USD485.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
b. Okoume Face & Back, Poplar Core, MR Glue

3.6*920*2140mm   USD475.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
3.6*820*2140mm   USD490.00/CBM FOB Tianjin

5.2*910*2140mm   USD440.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
5.2*760*2140mm   USD475.00/CBM FOB Tianjin

c. Teak Face, Birch Back, Poplar Core, MR Glue

3*815*2135mm:       USD625.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
3*915*2135mm:       USD600.00/CBM FOB Tianjin

3.6*815*2135mm:    USD615.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
3.6*915*2135mm:    USD590.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
d. Sapele Face, Birch Back, Poplar Core, MR Glue

3*815*2135mm:       USD590.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
3*915*2135mm:       USD560.00/CBM FOB Tianjin

3.6*815*2135mm:    USD580.00/CBM FOB Tianjin
3.6*915*2135mm:    USD550.00/CBM FOB Tianjin

*Other species and sizes are also available.

*Minimum Ordering Quantity: 1X40ft container
*Shipping Date: 20-25 days after receiving L/C or prepayment
*Payment Terms: T/T or L/C at sight
*Packaging: wrappred with plastic film, packed with 8mm MDF boards(bottom 16mm) and fastend onto wood pallets with steel belts

Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,


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